Word of Director

"At ASA Trading, our best feature is our vision and mission to collaborate in the transformation of the region through market innovations, always with hard work and dedication. We intend in the coming years to establish ourselves as the leading company in sourcing, handling, processing and marketing of agricultural commodities and products. With experience gained from over 30 years of experience working in agribusiness in South America, I am extremely proud to be able to advise our clients and help them with our most precious assets: talented men and women. It is in my belief that this region has the potential to become a significant hub for agricultural production and also for the industrialization of grains that should be destined for the foreign market, which will increasingly demand quality food. With the global reach and strength of our group we will aim to place our products in every market in the world. We are committed to working closely with our suppliers and customers in every respect to ensure the best possible results."