Building a Regional Network of Storage, Processing and Logistics Infrastructure

As a part of one the largest business system in Central and Eastern Europe, we intend to play a positive role in the region in which we operate. We will act in the trading of agricultural products, as well as other commodities. We are building a regional network of storage, processing and logistics infrastructure that will enable us to provide our customers with a very efficient range of agricultural products and commodities to meet their individual needs.

We will be strategically located in grain and oilseeds producing regions, focused on receiving in our warehouses and silos. These assets will be prepared to provide all services to producers at the time of harvesting of theirs crops. In this way, we will be able to have the total control of the quality and so be sure and be able to guarantee the specific requirements of our clients.


The processing of grains and other agricultural commodities are part of our plans for growth and consolidation of our business. We will always focus on strategically located assets in the markets of origin and destination. Always focusing on sustainability, reliability, quality, and services. In this way, we can always add value to products and improve our competitiveness.

Logistics services

Efficient movement of goods from storage to final destination, whether for ports or end users, is critical for any customer. Our management of logistics services is committed to maintain the quality of this service constant, in order to always meet the requirements of our customers.