Expertise and experience in various agricultural products trading

Among the main agricultural products that we currently operate in, are wheat, corn, soybeans, sunflower, barley, rapeseed and its by-products, such as soybean meal, as well as sugar and coffee. Other commodities such as copper cathode, aluminium, cobalt and coal mineral are already part of our activities.



Specific position of our company allows us to have the best high quality wheat beforehand. As all other products we follow the process from the seed to the table thus ensuring the best quality and price for the buyer.



Our NON GMO, gluten free and halal certified corn is carefully collected from the chosen farmers in Serbia and beyond. We pay great attention to detail so quality is of high importance when it comes to specifications of our products. We are closely following the process from the start to the end to ensure the best quality every time.


Soybeans and Protein meals

Our soya is selected from reliable and trusted sources in the region. We monitor the storage and drying process all the way to the final buyer.


Coffee and Sugar

From reliable suppliers, mainly in South America, we are able to provide coffee and sugar for all purposes.


Copper Cathode

ASA TRADING also operates in the Copper market, mostly with Copper Cathode. Our business in the copper market aims to provide to a range of customers in the automotive, electronics and construction industries. Copper has a wide range of domestic and industrial uses. Its superior electrical conductivity makes it ideal for electronics such as wiring and computer connections; and its ability to heat and cool quickly makes it ideal for heat exchange applications such as air conditioners. The metal is easily recycled and is also used in renewable energy technologies such as solar cells and electric vehicles - so it has a vital role to play in a sustainable future. The antimicrobial properties of copper also help control infections in hospitals and care settings.

Building a Regional Network of Storage, Processing and Logistics Infrastructure

As a part of one the largest business system in Central and Eastern Europe, we intend to play a positive role in the region in which we operate. We will act in the trading of agricultural products, as well as other commodities. We are building a regional network of storage, processing and logistics infrastructure that will enable us to provide our customers with a very efficient range of agricultural products and commodities to meet their individual needs.

We will be strategically located in grain and oilseeds producing regions, focused on receiving in our warehouses and silos. These assets will be prepared to provide all services to producers at the time of harvesting of theirs crops. In this way, we will be able to have the total control of the quality and so be sure and be able to guarantee the specific requirements of our clients.


The processing of grains and other agricultural commodities are part of our plans for growth and consolidation of our business. We will always focus on strategically located assets in the markets of origin and destination. Always focusing on sustainability, reliability, quality, and services. In this way, we can always add value to products and improve our competitiveness.

Logistics services

Efficient movement of goods from storage to final destination, whether for ports or end users, is critical for any customer. We can organize your goods to be transferred via trucks, trains or barges.